Trolley Treasures, Volume III: Public Service 3200-3282 Series

by A. W. Mankoff

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Trolley Lines

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Destinations Newsletter

Destinations is a twice-a-year publication assembled by the North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society. This very informative newsletter is great for discovering stories and information about the development of New Jersey's electric railways, as well as interesting pieces of information from around the globe.

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Back Issue Price List and Availability

No.VolumeDateFeaturesIn Stock?Price
31Vol. 16-1June 2001
(published June 2002)
- 31 South Orange Line - West End
- Electric Park
- Car Profile: Public Service Car 1998
30Vol. 15-2December 2000- PS 2651 Moves to Phillipsburg
- Trenton as a Traction Center
29Vol. 15-1June 2000- 29 Bloomfield Line
- Experimental D900
28Vol. 14-2December 1999- Pavonia Lines Memories
- Trolley Flying - Turnpike Lines
27Vol. 14-1June 1999- Orange Mountain Cable Railway
- Orange Mountain Traction Company
- Public Service Snow Removal 1928
26Vol. 13-2October 1998- Hudson River Line
- Hand Held Registers
25Vol. 13-1May 1998- The Direction of Transit Had PSCT Really Been Coordinated
- Trenton & New Brunswick RR Rolling Stock
- South Orange & Maplewood "Swamp Line" Notes
24Vol. 12-2December 1997- PSCT "Newark Experiment"
- The Afterlife of Trolleys in Northern New Jersey
- Farewell Tour Notes - March 27, 1938
23Vol. 12-1May 1997- 23 Central Line - Memories - Last RunYes$4.00
22Vol. 11-2December 1996- West New York Car House
- Deluxe Trolley Cars
- "Swamp Line" Memories
21Vol. 11-1June 1996- More PS 2800 Comments
- PS/GM Conspiracy
20Vol. 10-2December 1995- PSCT All Service Vehicles
- Atlantic City Anniversary
19Vol. 10-1August 1995- Waterfront Line
- Transit Study - South Jersey
- Vintage Trolleys, A National Overview
18Vol. 9-2October 1994- Memphis Vintage Streetcar Line
- August 7, 1994 - 45th Anniversary of "EL" Closure
17Vol. 9-1June 1994- Fast Line Rail Recovery
- Milltown Rail Recovery
- "Fast Line" Trolley Stock and Bond Certificates
16Vol. 8-2November 1993- Thumb-nail Summary of Public Transport in New Jersey
- Edmonton's Light Rail System
15Vol. 8-1March 1993- Trolleys: The Long Road Back - Part 5 San FranciscoYes$2.50
14Vol. 7-2November 1992- 1992 Hoboken Festival
- Trolleys: The Long Road Back - Part 4 Boston
13Vol. 7-1May 1992- The Baltimore Excursion
- NJERHS MP-54 Roster
12Vol. 6-2December 1991- Elusive Eleven
- Trolley Notes - Ed Francis
- Postscript to Trolley Trivia
- 1967 NJ High Speed Rail Test Runs
11Vol. 6-1May 1991- Refuge on the Delaware
- Trivial Trolley Trivia of the Tewnty Six Hundreds
10Vol. 5-2December 1990- We SaSHAY to the Sea Shore!
- Hoboken Ten
- The Pennsy's MP-54s
9Vol. 5-1April 1990- Whippany Railroad Museum Festival '89
- Transit Serves the South (NJ Transit's Atlantic City Line)
- Trolleys: The Long Road Back - Part 3 Fort Worth
8Vol. 4-2December 1989- Amtrak Takes a Gamble
- Museum Campaign's Spectacular Kickoff
7Vol. 4-1February 1989- Old Man (Black) River Just Keeps Rollin' Along
- The Keystone Comes to Hoboken
- Trolleys: The Long Road Back - Part 2 Boston
Sold OutN/A
6Vol. 3-2November 1988- Last Train from Paoli Returns
- Buried Treasures Surface Again in New Jersey
Sold OutN/A
5Vol. 3-1April 1988- RD Seeing the West Jersey Short Line
- Trolleys: The Long Road Back - Part 1
4Vol. 2-2January 1988- Taking (Rolling) Stock
- Hoboken Festival VII
Sold OutN/A
3Vol. 2-1September 1987- Summerfest '87
- Stillwell Story
Sold OutN/A
2Vol. 1-2June 1987- Hollywood on the Hudson
- Astor Place - Grand Entrance
Sold OutN/A
1Vol. 1-1November 1986- NJERHS Introduction
- Your Dues and Doers at Work (DL&W Edison Cars)
- Hoboken Festival
Sold OutN/A